Technical sheet

Versatile, the PRO MAGNO offers different spaces and solutions for the production of all types of events.


1 - Ground Floor and 1st Floor

Total gross area of approximately 28,000 m² available for lease. 

Ground Floor: 9,650 m²
1st Floor: 6,184 m².


2 - Food court on the Rooftop of the 2nd Floor

Indoor Rooftop: 1,315 m²
Outdoor Rooftop: 5,270 m².


3 - Foyer

700 m² with panoramic elevator and escalators. The foyer has natural lighting during the day and scenic lights according to the colors of the event in the evening.


4 - Covered parking lot

Approximately 1,000 parking spaces.


5 - Modular Rooms

Modular acoustic partitions for auditoriums of 50 to 5,000 PAX.


6 - Toilets

With a high standard of finish and faucets with proximity sensors.

30 cabins on the 1st Floor (distributed in all toilets)

18 cabins on the 2nd Floor (distributed in all toilets)

60 cabins on the ground floor (distributed in all toilets)


7 - Air Conditioning

Equalizable in the entire exhibition area.

Aplicativo e Demonstração de Luz - video paulo

8 - Sectorizable and dimmable lighting

Light intensity control application for each lamp.


9 - Electrical installations

Steck Female Outlets* 220v – 380v distributed over the entire exhibition area, facilitating mounting and reducing the organizers’ costs.

*5-pole power points, considering red Steck model 6H, being 3 phases, 1 neutral and 1 ground, which can be of 16, 32 or 64 amperes according to the load requested by the organizer for each point flagged in the electrical plan.

Generators for the facilities of the event.

The electrical power available for the event’s facilities comes from generators, ensuring greater security for the event.

Casamento Ourfali

10 - Overhead points at every 1.20m

Overhead points at every 1.20m with capacity of 100kg each located on the Ground and First floors. Fastening from hooks and eyelets delivered by hand to the mounting companies so they can choose the best locations for the aerial structures of their erections.

Interactive plan



Concerned with the environment, PRO MAGNO was built in a sustainable way, reducing the impact on nature, minimizing waste, reusing and also generating savings for those who hold their events here.

  • Built with on-site manufacture of slabs and beams, significantly reducing CO2 emissions;
  • Recycling of all material generated in the demolition and used in the sub-base of the work.
  • Air conditioning using HFC 134 A refrigerant gas;
  • LEDS and T5 fluorescent lighting;
  • Hydraulic systems with proximity sensors in toilets and faucets;
  • Rainwater intake – 650,000 liters;
  • Use of low-e glass in the façade, reducing the thermal sensation